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AVG Anti-Virus Software

AVG Anti-Virus Free and anti-spyware Free is for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only. AVG Free provides you with basic antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows and is available to download for free.

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Audio Streaming

You can listen to your favourite radio station from the comfort of your computer. You can stream:


Highveld Stereo


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Mozilla Firefox

The Web is all about innovation, and Firefox sets the pace with dozens of new features, including the smart location bar, one-click bookmarking and blindingly fast performance. Join the millions of people worldwide enjoying a better Web experience.

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Wikipedia is a multilingual, Web-based, free content encyclopedia project. This interactive encyclopedia has over 500 000 articles with a range of uses from a dictionary, thesaurus to famous quotes.

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Google Earth

Explore the world from your PC. Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings and even explore galaxies in the Sky. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places and share with others.

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Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird 2 features many new enhancements to help you better manage your unruly inbox, and stay informed. Thunderbird 2 scales to the most sophisticated organizational needs while making it easy to find what you need.

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